Resources for Resilience

Have you or your community experienced an upsetting event?

If you are distressed by the COVID-19 Pandemic — 

these simple exercises may help

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Resources for Resilience is a project of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology's Humanitarian Committee.  Members from all over the world volunteer their time to meet R4R's mission and provide free access to self-help techniques that can help you recover more quickly and easily from stressful events.


R4R Mission

Alleviate suffering by teaching self-help techniques to those experiencing the effects of violence, trauma and natural disasters. We believe that humans are naturally flexible and resilient; and given effective tools, information and support, can ‘bounce back’ from disaster and adversity.


Energy practice methods are powerful and effective tools for relieving the symptoms of stress and trauma, for raising awareness and for opening our hearts. We choose to be pro-active and share our tools and expertise with those who are suffering and in need. 

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Terms of Use

The information on this page is educational in nature and is provided only as general information for stress reduction. It is not intended to create, and does not constitute a professional relationship between Resource for Resilience project team members or the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the viewer. It should not be relied upon as medical, psychological, coaching, or other professional advice of any kind or nature whatsoever.