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Humanitarian Committee Mission

To share energy practices and resources to promote safety, connection, happiness, health and resilience around the world.

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Emotional First Aid  (EFA) SubCommittee Mission is to Alleviate suffering by teaching self-help techniques to those affected by violence, trauma and natural disasters. We believe that humans are naturally flexible and resilient; and given effective tools, information and support, can recover from disaster and adversity.

In our hope to foster confident outreach and meaningful service of that mission,  we have developed Emotional First-Aid trainings aimed at assisting communities and individuals and this website (https://R4R.support) to assist those experiencing the effects of violence, trauma and natural disasters to help themselves and others.

Our Emotional First Aid training has been used extensively, in wildfire recovery in the U.S., veteran and first-responder communities, and during COVID-19 times, via Zoom.  It’s been successfully used internationally, for communities in Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Nigeria, Rwanda, India, the UK and Europe. The training can be tailored to each audience, whether a town, school, church, a practice or corporate business, hospital, fire department, or a group of neighbors.

Schools SubCommittee came together in response to the need for effective tools, skills and support to meet the impact of stress and trauma upon children. These experienced trainers, program providers and presenters have been developing a group of  materials and best practices introducing Energy Psychology and Emotional First Aid into schools as a part of HumCom outreach.


Wellness Subcommittee mission is to Share and Teach skills for Well-Being of our members who participate and give so much throughout the world.