Are you feeling angry? Having racing thoughts?

These techniques may help you

Stress Blow-Out

(as taught by Donna Eden –


  1. Lift both hands over head, clench fists hard

  2. Take deep breath and hold it

  3. Pull hands down fast, blow out air ‘WHOOOOSH’ 

  4. Bend your knees, open hands when arms are fully extended

  5. Repeat 3-5X

Download instructions

stress blowout 1&4.png

Healing Head Hold

(Adapted from Terrence Bennett’s Touch for Health Neuro/Vascular Points)


  1. Focus on distress

  2. Place one hand across forehead

  3. Lightly hold the back of head with other hand

  4. Breathe

  5. Hold position until calm & can feel pulse in fingers 3- 5 minutes

Download instructions

Balance Hook Up
(Developed by Wayne Cook, as taught by Donna Eden –

  1. Follow along with the video

  2. Cross hands & legs

  3. Breathe in nose, tip of tongue behind top front teeth

  4. Release your tongue, breathe out mouth

  5. Focus on breathing this way til feeling calmer

  6. Switch hand, ankle positions. 

  7. Repeat.

Download instructions