Are you feeling confused? clumsy?


These techniques may help you

The Cross Crawl / Cross Over Shoulder Pull

(from Paul & Gail Dennison, Brain Gym; and

Donna Eden —

  1. March in place, tap hand to opposite knee 

  2. Draw the Hand from the top of shoulder to opposite hip

  3. Change hands, repeat several times

Download instructions

Cross Crawl Illus.jpg

Breathing Into Balance​

(Adapted by Phil Mollon from

Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy)

  1. Cross arms across chest

  2. Put fingers under collarbones

  3. Breath with video

  4. Put knuckles down under collarbones

  5. Breath with video

          Download instructions

Breathing Into Balance Illus.jpg

Brain Balancer

(Adapted from Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy)

  1. Tap on back of hand repeatedly

  2. Follow along with eye movements in video

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