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ACEP Humanitarian Committee Members

Rachel Michaelsen, MSW, LCSW, D-CEP, lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has a private practice and trains mental health professionals on a range of subjects including energy psychology, diagnosis, and various topics in clinical supervision, and law and ethics. More than twenty years ago, Rachel learned about Energy Psychology through her own healing process, and was excited by the positive results. She pursued training in the field and started using EFT, TAT, and AIT with her individual clients and with groups. She is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. With a background in social work, Rachel has always focused on the impact of the environment on individuals. She is also interested in the impact of unresolved trauma, both on an individual’s well-being and their community. Rachel brings to the committee a strong background in teaching and training, group interventions using Energy Psychology techniques, and knowledge and understanding of how to best utilize technology to make an impact. Rachel is the Chair of ACEP's Humanitarian Committee and can be reached by clicking here.


Amy Frost, MBA and MA (Spiritual Psychology) MBA and MA (Spiritual Psychology) was born on an Air Force base, grew up in the military, and worked for the Department of Defense for twenty-one years. Amy lost her husband Tom in Desert Storm. She is now married to the Director of Military and Veteran Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is part of the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce business and wellness programs. Her work supports leaders, veterans, and military families, enabling them to thrive on the job and in life.


Cindy Baker, M.Ed., NCSP, DCEP, is a Licensed School Psychologist and Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner in private practice in Toledo, Ohio. She has taught EFT and energy psychology practices to over a thousand K-12 students and their teachers in northwest Ohio. Cindy works with school and community groups as well as individual clients, promoting the use of energy psychology tools for releasing trauma and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. She is a member of ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee and shares in its mission to alleviate human suffering on the planet.

David MacKay, a native of Canada, has lived for over thirty years in Mexico. He graduated from McGill University in engineering in 1974, and now owns a company that builds ozone systems for water purification. Since 1992, almost all his free time has been dedicated to training in various psychotherapeutic techniques. In 2006 he came across EFT and immediately realized he had found an extraordinary way to help almost anyone get free of their emotional suffering. Looking for a way to facilitate access to these techniques by the Hispanic community, with the support of EFT founder Gary Craig and a team of volunteer translators, David translated more than 2,500 articles from the official website. In 2011 he founded the Hispanic EFT Association (www.aheft.com) which publishes a monthly newsletter to over 35,000 subscribers.


Kristin Holthuis, MD, DCEP is a holistic family doctor, based in Costa Rica, who has integrated several Energy Psychology modalities in her professional practice to help people of all ages restore their emotional balance after challenging life events. She also assists people in finding and resolving root causes of their physical issues, and in restoring their health in integrative ways. As a certified CEP, TAT, EFT, TFT-alg, and Matrix Reimprinting trainer, Kristin loves to train mental health professionals and introduce EP modalities into the health care system.   



Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist, DCEP has been practicing psychology for over thirty years, specializing in the treatment of developmental and intergenerational trauma and abuse, spiritual issues, and mental health. She focuses on helping all to build connected and joyful lives. She has been very active in the last year in bringing trauma relief to her community after the devastating fires in Northern California. She is committed to bringing trauma relief to the world, working with ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee on the Resources for Resilience Project, the Veteran to Veteran Healing Project, and FREA (Freedom, Recovery, and Empowerment from Abuse). Kristin is delighted to be part of building Web materials and trainings for these organizations and participating in trauma relief training all over the United States. 


Helen Jacobs has spent more than 30 years in the business of building multi-partner alliances, collaborations and joint ventures.  When facilitation, emotional regulation and energy psychology techniques are embraced, complex topics become accessible and practical, care and interest become a key success factor. She’s certified through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and learned the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) directly from Gary Craig who developed it in 1995. Helen promotes the use of energy psychology techniques in businesses, schools, in group collaboration settings and with individuals.  Helen continues her quest to nourish people’s spirits as well as her own. Helen is a new member of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee.

Jennifer Groebe, LCSW is a clinical social worker and an experienced trainer and provider of continuing education for mental health, nursing, and long-term care professionals. She has taught at University of California at Berkeley and University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth extension programs, and at John F Kennedy University in Orinda, CA. During her career at Kaiser Permanente, Ms. Groebe made numerous presentations, and worked on or managed projects that impact the organization today regarding eldercare, depression research, and (currently) palliative care. Ms Groebe sits on the Boards of Directors of Meals on Wheels of Alameda County and the Life Goes on Foundation. Publications include a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente, SAMSHA, CMS, and the Flight Attendants Association: “Flight Attendants, Coping With Trauma, a Post-911 Guide” (9/2002).

Jondi Whitis is a longtime member and Training Board member of AAMET International and an Accredited Certified Master Trainer of Trainers. A popular speaker, Jondi has “spread the good news” of wellness in-person and as an online radio host, and is a frequent guest on podcasts like TappingQandA, Military Family Radio Network, Tapping Hub, and The Tapping Solution. She also founded an annual urban retreat for wellness workers, The Spring Energy Event, and co-founded a global community called TapFest.


Lorre Eaton, BA, DC, CEHP, received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta Georgia. She trained in Applied Kinesiology and taught and practiced Network Chiropractic for many years. Lorre is Diagnosis Certified in Thought Field Therapy with Dr. Roger Callahan and has Certified as an Energy Health Practitioner with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Lorre worked at Sunset Public School in Livermore CA in a special needs after-school program for three years, doing TFT as well as other energetic modalities. Lorre has provided humanitarian services in Sendai, Japan after the tsunami, for Bosnian refugees, and for earthquake victims from Nepal. Currently, Lorre practices a combination of techniques including TFT, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Brain Gym, and more. Her current practice focuses on trauma and on the emotional substrata of chronic conditions.

Maria I. Limardo, Ph.D, specialist in Human Genetics, has extensive experience in clinical studies on Extracellular Matrix Genetics. She is a specialist in research, holistic healing interventions, motivating, and a consultant on medical and holistic issues for radio, television, blogs, books, and has written articles for the Spanish media. Currently, in addition to his private practice (correcting energy imbalances, medical intuition, epigenetic coaching), he is part of a team of teachers at FLICAH in Miami, Florida, where she teaches certification in “Coach in Intuitive Medicine and Energy Techniques for First Aid”. Holds a weekly meeting with the Hispanic community to deal with trauma. Dr. Limardo is part of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee for the transformation of stress and trauma worldwide with practices of energy interventions.


NGWA Ivonne is a retired secondary school teacher (35 years) in Cameroon and currently uses Quantum Touch and EFT in her private and clinic consulting work. She also provides Neuro-education coaching for school children.


Priscila Fuzikawa is an Occupational Therapist in Brazil. She divides her time between her private practice and her work in a basic health unit. She is a Brainspotting trainer, and also trained in modalities of Energy Psychology, Somatic Experience, EMDR and Coaching for Parents. She is interested in trauma, its effects on performance, and the possibility of healing from it. Priscilla integrates Energy Psychology practices with work with individuals and groups, both during sessions and as self-help tools that clients can use when needed. Priscila received a scholarship to the ACEP Annual Conference in 2018, and was captured by the mission, motivation and dedication of the Humanitarian Committee. She has contributed mainly with the translation of the resources and website of the R4R into Portuguese.

Ryah Ki is a mind/body/spirit chaplain, healing minister, spiritual counselor, bodyworker, videographer, and teacher. She has an extensive background in humanistic, transpersonal, and energy psychology; energy medicine; bodywork; breath work; Aikido; qi gong; sound healing; and shamanism. She is especially interested in empowering people with tools and techniques and the means of connecting with their own higher wisdom and energies, allowing them to develop emotional and spiritual competencies and resilience, and to heal from traumas and experiences, get their own answers, and facilitate healing for themselves and others.


Sara Whittall is new to the field of energy psychology. Sara is certified in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Body Code and Emotion Code. She supports Humanitarian Committee meetings as minutes taker and offers viewpoints from a very open perspective. Sara lives in England and has a background in Sales and Marketing, PR, Sponsorship, Event Organization, and Catering and Hospitality.

Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy, Ed.D, is a certified Energy Psychology and EFT Practitioner, Tapping Into Wealth Certified Coach, and Education Consultant.


Her mission is to help bring energy psychology and mindfulness strategies into the mainstream, especially in schools, organizations and businesses through her STRESS LESS and BOLT TO SUCCESS Programs.  She is the author of Bolt to Success: Energy Psychology & EFT Toolkit for Social Emotional Learning, an energy psychology toolkit/curriculum guide for teachers, an international speaker and an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University.


In addition to her BA in Elementary Education and her MA in Educational Leadership, Suzanne also holds a doctorate in Ed. Leadership and has over 25 years of experience serving as a teacher, assistant principal and principal.

Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström (below) have developed the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT), a simplified, language- and content-free tapping modality. TTT is designed for non-specialist scaling. It is estimated to have reached over 100,000 people in challenged areas around the world through trainings provided by Gunilla, Ulf, and their colleagues in the Peaceful Heart Network. For over ten years Gunilla and Ulf have been involved in humanitarian work in Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan, and other parts of Africa, as well as in India, Europe and the US and Canada. When in Sweden, Gunilla also works with refugees, in tourism, and on a child- rights project. At home in Sweden, Ulf provides therapy to clients, mental training for athletes, and presentation skills for PhD students. He also tours as a musician.

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