Are you feeling scared? anxious?

These techniques may help you

Soothing Butterfly Hug

originated and developed by Lucina Artigas

  1. Place your hands as shown

  2. Flap your hands like the wings of a butterfly

  3. Breathe slowly and notice the change

Downloadable Instructions

butterfly hug.png


Havening Techniques®, by Ron Ruden, Ph.D.

  1. Cross arms, each hand on opposite shoulder

  2. Pull hands from both shoulders down to the elbows, with firm but gentle pressure

  3. At the same time, hum a tune

Downloadable Instructions

Simplified Self-Havening Illus.jpg

Calming Hug

  1. Cross your arms as shown

  2. Hold for a minute

  3. Switch & Repeat using opposite arm

Downloadable Instructions


Calm Breathing

  1. Take a sharp, deep breath through nose

  2. Hold breath for a couple of seconds

  3. Let breath out through mouth, with a deep sigh

Downloadable Instructions